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There Memories, Your Smile Captured Forever

We all know how fast they grow, from the moment they came into the world and you gave them there first kiss to the celebrations on there first birthday capture these amazing moments in life with a MLT keepsake, add any picture of your choice, pick your colour and add a heart felt comment and we will do the rest. Truly a gift for any family. 

The Most Versatile Gift Ever

Unlike most other keepsakes that show your little one as a newborn. With a MLT Keepsake you can capture there newborn moment, there first steps, or maybe there first

birthday. Whatever memory it is we can capture it and design it. Each keepsake is printed using ultra high quality paper with only the best sourced ink to bring your keepsake to life. Hand packaged and delivered lovingly from our family to yours. 

The Heart of ANY Home

Whether its a gift for your new one, or for your uncle, sister or maybe even your work colleague the MLT Keepsake will leave all your visitors leaving in admiration. Stunning

design with 3 sizes and over 5 colours to satisfy even the most picky. Perfect for any room, anywhere. 

Facts That You Never Knew

The MLT Keepsake is not just a generic poster which looks like all other made, No, we have created it to show you some interesting facts when your little one was born, Maybe they are destined to shine like a diamond or will they have a love for roses, with our keepsake you can find out. Over 7 gorgeous facts for you to admire! 

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10 foods to help support a healthy immune system

Winter is coming, combined with little ones going back to school and nursery, can only mean one thing… cold and flu season is upon us. We spoke to our nutritionist Alana Hilton who shared her top 10 foods to support a healthy immune system for you and your family.

And here they are:

- Leafy Greens like spinach and kale: Vitamin A, C, Folate

- Cheese:

Vitamin A, B12, Folate, Zinc

- Berries: Vitamin C, Antioxidants / phytonutrients

- Eggs: B6, B12, Vitamin D, Selenium

- Fish: B6, B12, Copper, Vitamin D, Iron, Selenium

- Fortified breakfast cereals: B6, B12, Iron, Vitamin D, Zinc

- Oranges: Vitamin C

- Nuts & Seeds: Copper, Folate, Selenium, Zinc

- Meat: Copper, Iron, Zinc

- Yogurt: Beneficial Bacteria, Vitamin B12

We hope these foods help keep you and your family fighting fit.